Photo shoot planning!!!

Fashion photography


I have to shoot my editorial for my Vogue project this Easter holiday and i’m currently trying to find a model and location for it. I know I want to do it based around the print trend (be it floral, paisley, animal, polka dot, there are so many at the moment) but It’s really important I find the right location in Bristol…

Here’s a new editorial for American Vogue, photographed by Tim Walker. This was an idea I had, using a printed background to clash with the printed outfits the model is wearing. This editorial was photographed at The Ritz in Paris which will be hard to replicate. However it isn’t about replicating it, I’m sure I can find something just as effective!

‘ In print’ photographed by Ben Toms for Dazed and Confused. Here is a great example of clashing bold print and colours. I don’t want to do it in a studio however. I think if the weather is going to be as sunny as it has been this Easter I should really make the most of it.

‘Fille Unigue’ Josh Ollins for Vogue Paris. Full print outfit and a not to complicated location, but it works really well.

… and here I like the carefully placed vase so it contrasts with the striped outfit. I think the key is to really think about how to make the print stand out and look effective. I want to focus on contrasting colours/CLASHING colours… pastels or brights? Or both?

So there are some of my idea’s for my editorial. Any comments would be much appreciated! Should be shooting within the next three weeks.



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