Why I need a job….


I am currently completely stripped of any money in my account or purse… or even hiding behind my sofa. I have been lusting after to many clothes and to many hairstyles… to many festival tickets!

1. I would quite like to die my hair this colour or at least a similar colour and AT LEAST a lot lighter than it is now. It also needs cutting so bad… a good 3 inches off I think.

2. I really would like to go to Reading festival this year. REALLY would like to. The Black Keys, Azealia Banks, Justice, The Cure, Foo Fighters, SBTRKT… etc. Please god make this happen, if I don’t do anything else with my life this summer… please.

3. Mainly clothes… lots of clothes. I have zero summer clothes at the moment, nothing brighter than grey in my wardrobe. I would really to own something from this season please.

Here’s an outfit I put together all from Topshop…


This dress is gorgeous from Urban Outfitters…

AND these dungarees from Nasty Gal. I really wish they had somewhere based in the UK as well… because the postage is quite expensive.

Sorry for not posting in while, more posts and more photography coming soon…



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