Working on my magazine!

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So I’m still working on my Final Major Project which eventually will be a magazine. At the moment i’m trying to decide what should be the cover, however I haven’t taken all my photographs yet but it’s just to get the ball rolling! I chose the name Religion, because I think the word looks good and calling any new business ‘Religion’ makes sense if you want people to follow it. It also reflects the fashion trend of religious crosses on everything at the moment. I’m not religious!

Here are a few ideas I have at the moment. Of course it could change as I will be taking more photographs. Most people seem to like the 3rd cover down best?

alice cover

natalie and jade cover

stef cover

Let me know if you have any critique!


Day in London: Shoreditch

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Last week I took a trip to London with my friend, to take some photographs for my uni project. The day went really well, although I may have got a bit distracted at the start because we met in Oxford street….

We made our way to Shoreditch about mid-day, thankfully the weather was good. I’ve never been to Shoreditch before, in fact i’m probably a bit clueless when it comes to a lot of London areas, but I really liked it and found it to be very inspiring. There are a lot of vintage shops one in particular called Blitz.

I loved this cupboard! 

Blitz was huge, if I had more time I would have stayed and probably spent a lot of money in there but we were already running short on time. It also had a coffee shop which was cute, definitely recommend to anyone visiting around the area.

Taking photographs of people in Shoreditch was fun, everyone was really friendly and most people were happy to have there photograph taken.

I will be going back there at some point this week to finish my project off. It’s turning into a very expensive year already! Hope to update you soon.

Thanks for reading!

Some previews of my shoot!

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Hello, i’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long! iv’e been extremely busy with my new job and my uni work. Speaking of which I thought I would post some of my page designs for my project!

As some of you may know I have been planning a photo shoot based on the fashion trend print. I finally got round to doing it a few days ago and am now working on the editing. Here are some potential page designs… please let me know what you think!



I did the shoot in my house because it was raining, even though I planned to do it outside… but it turned out quite well considering. All the flower photographs were taken in my back garden.

Photographs – Hannah Louise Broughton

Model – Anushka Kandola

Assistant – Alice Tobia


Weather, fashion and idea’s…

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The weather is really amazing at the moment, really hoping it holds out. My photo shoot is sorted pretty much! I just have to find clothes for it, or cleverly use what I have… 

As you’ll know if you’ve read previous posts, I have been looking at the print trend for my current uni project. One of the most popular designers of the moment is Erdem, who designs the most amazing floral print outfits. I really love all his collections, I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t love them. Here are some my favourites from his Fall 2012 collection –

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-WearErdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Erdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-WearErdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-WearErdem Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Oh god, they are so gorgeous! 

Today i’ve just been hanging out in my garden talking and drinking coffee. I’m wearing this shirt I bought from Primark a couple of months ago, its one of the best things i’ve bought in a long time and it only cost me £10. I know I probably wear it to much… but i’m kind of addicted to it. However, I do have a job now so i’ll be able to do a summer clothes shop very soon. Here’s some pictures of the shirt…



… and here is my lovely cat. 

Hope your all enjoying the weather!