A quick post, involving some nice shoes


I recently bought these amazing platform wedges from Office for £25… bargain. I saw them a couple of days before I bought them, and decided against it because i’m actually not a huge heel person anyway and these are very high. But ever since I left the shop I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so this resulted in me running into to the shop before work the next day. I’m so glad I got them because they are so comfortable and make me so much taller and long legged (deceivingly).

Another fashion lust of mine ( but not so easy to get hold of) is something/anything from Christopher Kane’s 2011 resort line. The galaxy print is popular still and ebay is full of listings similar to it or actually from it. I have been desperately trawling ebay daily to find something I can actually afford, but they all end up going for way to much…. than I can afford. Here’s some galaxy print lusting for you…

Christopher Kane Resort 2011

Christopher Kane Resort 2011 

Above Christopher Kane resort wear 2011

I also need some new lipstick… what colour to get?



Clothes I NEED and style inspiration



I love looking at the posts from Topshop on tumblr. I would re-blog everything but that would be wrong. This silver jacket is awesome, and unfortunately i’m not sure where it’s from but i’m sure there are a lot of similar ones on the high street! Like this one… from asos.com!

Image 1 of stylestalker Heavy Metallic JacketImage 3 of stylestalker Heavy Metallic Jacket

Also I saw this shirt in Zara and fell in love with it on Saturday…

Look at that print!!!!!!!


Here are some more lovely things… enjoy!